A Good Start

It may only be 10:00 on Saturday morning, but the weekend is already off to a good start.  After BabyN had two more meltdowns late yesterday, he slept pretty well last night.  (The gas drops we got yesterday seem to be helping the gas pain if not the gas itself.  As long as he lets me sleep…)  M also got a good night’s sleep and woke up chipper.  PJ always wakes up happy in the mornings.  How can I not also be in a good mood when everyone around me is too?

In other news, I called my doctor yesterday to change my post-partum check-up.  I was supposed to have it next Friday, but then M and I decided to go out of town next weekend.  I assumed I’d have to reschedule it for the next week, but it turns out they have an opening on Tuesday.  That makes my six-week check-up only five weeks and a few days after BabyN was born.  It’ll be nice to officially return to the world of the non-pregnant, but that means I have a few less days to lose the last pound and a half to get to pre-pregnancy weight.  I made it by my post-partum check-up last time, and I’m hoping to do the same this time.

Apparently I’m still a bit tired, even though I’m happy.  My mind is only half-functioning and I can’t think of the other things I meant to blog about today.  It’s the weekend anyway, and nobody’s going to read this, so I guess it’s better if I forget to say anything I really want anyone to read.


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