A Post with ADD

  1. My mom’s surgery is today.  She should be out of the operating room any time now.  I hope my dad calls to let me know she made it ok.
  2. We’re going to visit them this weekend, about the same time my mom should be getting home from the hospital.  Really it’s for yet another interview up there, but the timing certainly is convenient.  (I doubt we end up taking the job, even though it will probably be offered.)
  3. I just saw my first holiday commercial.  Seriously!  It’s not even Halloween, and I’m still wearing short sleeves!
  4. I have my post-partum check-up today.  I’m scared but not about the appointment–about taking both boys out alone instead.  I need to get used to it, I guess.
  5. M talked to his mom yesterday about the comments.  He said that with my post-partum hormones I can’t stand to hear about how much she wants to see the boys since I can’t do anything about it.  He’s encouraging me to find a way to stop letting her comment if they continue now.  I think they’re annoying him now too.
  6. I’ve typed this whole post one-handed.  Pretty good, huh?  I better get used to it because I don’t think BabyN is going to let me set him down much anytime soon.
  7. M got his first-ever bonus yesterday.  It was way more than expected.  Guess we’re having a good Christmas this year!

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