Mondays Suck

I think I’ve figured out one of the main reasons Mondays are so awful.  BabyN gets lots of holding on the weekends since I have an extra pair of hands to help with PJ.  He gets addicted, and I’m too nice to make him go through a real withdrawal when Monday comes and I’m alone again.  So I spend most of the day holding him while trying to tend to PJ.  In fact, he’s crying right now as I try to steal a few moments to blog.

Yesterday’s post ended up kind of funny.  I wrote it specifically trying to get a little debate going, knowing that some of you would disagree with me.  And of course that’s the case.  I should have expected when I wrote it, though, that I was going to be unable to handle the disagreement when I checked my comments first thing on a Monday morning.  Stupid me.  I’m getting okay with it, but next time I might just hold off on those posts that will create conflict until later in the week.  (Please don’t feel bad if you were one who disagreed with me.  You are entitled to your opinion as I am mine.  I’m just overly sensitive this morning, and in reality I am glad you stepped up to say your opinion.)

Darn it.  I wanted to write more this morning, but this is all I can handle for now.  PJ suddenly reeks of poop and is doing his best to get into everything right now, and BabyN is still screaming and I’ve reached my limit on listening to it.  Time to get back to the hard work of mommying.


One Response to Mondays Suck

  1. Erin says:

    Do you have one of those baby carriers that you could wear him in on your chest? That would free up your hands but still give him the comfort of being held. Our never worked for Hailey, she hated the thing, but I’m going to try a different brand/style for our next baby and hope it works! :o)

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