Maybe I Should Start Packing

December 1, 2007

Sometime today or tomorrow we’re leaving again.  M has to go to Chicago on business this week, and as usual, he’s leaving from the city where my parents live so that I can stay with them for the week.  I’m starting to wish I could just stay here after the fiasco of last week, but it’s a bit late to change his flight plans now.

It’s a bit weird that our plans for leaving are this flexible.  We just have to be there before Monday when his flight leaves, so we’re taking the no-stress method to preparing to leave and packing.  I barely did laundry last night and we have yet to pack a single item.  And I don’t feel the least bit bad about it.  Why should I, if we’re not leaving until tomorrow after all?

But on the off chance we do leave today, I wanted to warn you.  I expect I’ll still have plenty of time to blog and read blogs this week, but just in case…  Both my parents will have to work during the day all week, so the boys and I will have the place to ourselves.  Routines should be pretty similar to what they are at home, just adjusted for the change in setting.

And I guess that’s it for this morning.  I got my new camera last night, and I’m anxious to try some pictures in daylight.  So far, I’m moderately impressed with the quality, but it’s going to take lots of practice to use the more detailed features of the camera to really improve my pictures.