We’re Here

December 3, 2007

Boy are things easier here when it’s just our family.  I feel like we’re intruding on my parents’ quiet time, but they’re being good about not letting us know what a nuisance it is to have a toddler around.  It’s good that he remembers his grandparents, too, because that sweet, genuine adoration he shows them goes a long way in making up for his otherwise thoughtless nature.

M had to leave around lunchtime today to leave on his business trip.  He hasn’t had to leave me since August, so it was particularly difficult today to watch him go.  PJ cried when his daddy left the car and didn’t come back.  It’s going to be a lonely few days for all of us, even with Nana and Grandpa around.

I’m not sure what else there is to say.  I woke up in a whiny mood today, but I’m making a concerted effort to not whine as much, both on my blog and in real life, so I’m probably better off keeping my mouth shut (fingers from typing?) to avoid boring everyone with long-winded rants about headaches and toddlers (if they’re not one and the same).

On the bright side, I’m having lots of fun playing around with the new camera.  If you know of the other blog,  you might want to go check out a few of my first experimental shots.  I’m still impressed with how much better the pictures look with no extra effort from me.  I hope I can take full advantage of our new setting here to get lots more practice shots too.