Runaway Train of Thought

December 4, 2007

How come the days seem so long here?  It seems like the things I did this morning must have happened yesterday or even the day before.  It must be because my routine is all off being in a different setting.  It’s throwing all of us.  BabyN had a rough night last night, waking up to eat more often than he did as a newborn.  PJ woke up when my parents left for work but fell back asleep to wake up near lunchtime.  Then he didn’t nap this afternoon and was cranky before bed.  All that together makes for a long day for me, especially when I’m this tired too.

And I miss my husband terribly.  Having my parents around helps take my mind off him because at least I’m not lonely.  But I can’t help but wonder numerous times every day what he’s doing right then, if he is doing okay, if he misses me too.  We talked for a good half an hour earlier and discovered that we had very little to talk about, but it was still sad when we said good-bye to each other.  I don’t know how you military wives do this.  I know I have it easy compared to you, and I can barely handle it.

On the bright side, though, BabyN is a wonderful baby, last night notwithstanding.  I went with my mom to a ladies’ Christmas dinner at her church, and even though BabyN was screaming from before we left up until we lifted him out of the car, he was a charming gentleman the whole time we were there.  None of them would ever have guessed that he knew how to be fussy.  Apparently flirting comes naturally to the boys in our family!

In the last week, BabyN has grown to look like a tiny little clone of my grandfather, the one he was named after.  I think it is making the connection between him and his nana even stronger, when she can hold the tiny version of her father in her arms again.  I always swore the connection between my boys and the great-grandfather they’d never get to meet was destined even before either was born, but this has only proven it.  I feel completely justified in giving BabyN my grandfather’s name, now that I see how much he takes after him.  Talk about heartwarming.