Road Trip

December 6, 2007

So everything I’d counted on for the next few days is gone.  M was supposed to get back in town tonight so that we could drive home tomorrow or Saturday.  But we hadn’t taken into consideration that he was in a midwest city in the middle of December while a huge storm was hitting the area.  The snow apparently grounded enough planes in enough airports flying into Chicago that many flights had to be cancelled.  His flight back here was one of them.  After much finagling, he got on a different flight back to our hometown.  It was better than sleeping in the airport and leaving tomorrow morning.

He is now safely at home, after an expensive last-minute flight change, hour-long cab drive from the airport to home, and one sawed-off lock to break into our own house since he’d left his only house key on the van keys with me.  I guess the punch line would be “sleeping in your own bed tonight: priceless.”

As glad as I am that he’s made it home safely, however, I’m quite upset that now I have to travel home tomorrow.  Alone.  With two kids in the car.  I’ve made this trip millions of times (okay, probably not quite a hundred, but close), but never alone with kids.  Or even one kid.  I’m scared.  I have no choice but to stop when BabyN needs to eat, and PJ will probably scream bloody murder if I don’t have food or something to keep him occupied at the same time.  I don’t know how to handle both kids if I need to stop somewhere to pee since I’ve never dealt with both of them in a public restroom before.  And if either one starts fussing when I can’t easily pull over to take care of them, I’m afraid I’ll get frazzled and upset, as I’m prone to doing.

It’s starting to sound like it’s going to be a long drive home, and I know all I’m going to want is to drive as fast as possible to get there before the next chaotic moment with crying babies hits.  I could use prayers tomorrow if anybody happens to find some free time in the middle of the day.  Thanks!