Finding the Christmas Spirit

December 9, 2007

We just finished putting up our tree.  It seems like it’s awfully late to be doing that, but I guess since it’s only the beginning of the second week of December, it’s not too bad.  Finally I feel like I can get into the Christmas spirit, now that we have our tree up and most of our shopping done.  Usually I’m a grinch until a bit closer to Christmas, but it’s easier to get into the magic of Christmas when you have kids around.

I can’t wait to see PJ’s reaction to the tree.  To simplify the whole decorating process, we waited until he was napping to pull the decorations out of the attic and set everything up.  I’m hoping next year we will be able to trust him to help.  I’m looking forward to developing our own family traditions around Christmas, and I think watching him and BabyN place ornaments on our tree will be one of those traditions that will bring a lump to my throat when I remember it years from now.

I will likely also always remember our first Christmas tree, this artificial one M brought with him into the marrriage.  It’s scrawny, even for an artificial tree, and we have yet to set it up without a serious lean.  But its shortcomings don’t mean we have scrimped on its decorations.  The lights are sparkling in the corner of our living room as we speak, reflecting off the classy gold balls, a perfectly-executed theme.  I love the simplicity of it–as much as I will love the chaotic smorgasbord of handmade ornaments it will be after the boys have been through a few years of school.  I’ve finally figured out that it’s not what is on the tree itself as much as the love that goes into decorating it.