One-Track Life

December 11, 2007

Life is getting stale.  What is there to write about past mommy stuff?  My kid did this, the other did that.  It’s almost all I talk about anymore, both here and in real life.  (It’s fine on the other blog where that’s what’s expected and wanted.)

I would be thrilled to write about other things, but mommyhood consumes me at the moment.  I find myself with little time for anything resembling a hobby.  I have little on my mind of any depth, other than the insights I get from mommying.  And even then, it’s not terribly insightful.

I’m afraid I’m boring everyone, including my husband and mother, with my singly-focused mind.  Yet how do I go about making a more diverse life with more diverse interests?  I don’t have the time or the energy for anything else at the moment.

For the moment, it seems I will have to continue accepting that my complete identity lies in mommyhood.  Eventually I will find time again to branch out, do something for myself.  In the meantime, bear with me as I ramble on and on about my kids and being a mother.