Another Boob-a-licious Post

December 12, 2007

The best part about having recently had a baby–other than the whole baby part–is the boobs.  I’m a bit reluctant to write about this again, since I keep getting all sorts of creepy hits off searches after my last post about it (I think the most common is “milk-filled boobs,” which indicates some sort of sick fetish to me), but it is definitely something interesting to write about, as all the crazy hits would indicate.

See, before PJ was born, I had a pair of tiny A’s.  I was told they were a handful, and that was plenty, but I hated having to search for clothes that fit just tightly enough that they wouldn’t disappear in the extra fabric.  I also rated how great a bra was by how much padding it had and whether it could create cleavage out of thin air.  It turns out the Miracle Bra can’t make miracles from nothing.  I always wondered what it would be like to not look like a 12-year-old girl in almost everything I wore.  I’d heard rumors that procreating tended to help out in that department, but I never thought I would get all the way to B’s and especially that they would hang around for long.

I didn’t notice them growing much during the first pregnancy.  The A’s I’d been wearing got a little tighter, but not enough to need a new bra.  But when I started breastfeeding, I bought B’s, mostly out of optimism.  The next time I bought nursing bras, I went with some C’s because online people had said they fit kind of small.  They were a little loose where the B’s were a little small, but they fit comfortably.

I expected them to deflate when I quit nursing, but I went straight into pregnancy again (really–I nursed for the last time on a Tuesday and Friday found out I was pregnant).  They never had time to deflate and instead just kept growing.  I had to buy non-nursing B’s pretty soon into the second pregnancy.  Even then, they barely fit by the time BabyN was born.

And my milk came in.  Those size-C nursing bras sure have come in handy.  Only, now they fit more like the B’s used to fit.  They’re fairly snug.  I’ve tried the B’s again when the C’s have all been dirty at the same time, but it provides a look a bit too sexy for my taste; they barely cover all the important features (although, I have to admit that M loves the effect).  If I buy any new nursing bras this time around, I might even be looking at D’s.  Can you believe that?  Within less than three years I would have gone from barely-there A’s all the way to D’s.

The thing is that I really like having big boobs.  They may look awkward on my petite body (I’m five feet tall, just barely, and even carrying around some pregnancy weight and the ginormous boobs, I don’t break 120 pounds), but I’m enjoying discovering what most women have dealt with their entire adult lives.  When I move too fast–and my boobs are empty–they actually jiggle.  No, that’s not true; they outright bounce.  It’s so different from what I’m used to.

I’ve worried some that I would end up saggy, like I understand most big boobs end up.  I agreed long ago that if I was ever blessed with big boobs, I would tolerate if not embrace the less thrilling aspects of the big boobs.  Yet I have yet to see any sag there.  My huge C’s are still nice and perky, even when totally drained of milk.  Again, M loves it.

I’m fully aware that they will probably deflate for good when BabyN weans.  I’m praying that they don’t sag at that point either, but I’m willing to accept them if they do.  I also hope that they don’t deflate back down to pre-pregnancy size.  Maybe I’ll luck out and be blessed with a permanent set of B’s.  Just large enough to make me look and feel like a woman without being too big for my body.