Good Thing It Didn’t Come Down the Chimney

December 13, 2007

Three years ago at this time of year, I was unhappily single.  For the past few years, when I’d made out my Christmas list for my parents, I would take note of the glaring omission on the list–a man to marry.  I don’t know that they could tell all the clothes and jewelry and books in the world wouldn’t make up for the Christmas gift I wanted most.

So shortly before Christmas three years ago, I took matters into my own hands, signing up for one of those online dating sites.  It was more because I felt like I’d exhausted all my other options than the hope that I’d actually meet the perfect (although desperate) guy through such a means.

I’d talked to several through the site and another one on the phone, but there was nothing resembling true chemistry.  But then one evening, I had my best friend over and I decided to show her the site since she’d been supportive from the start.  Oddly enough, I happened to have a new match that evening.  As I read through that man’s profile with my best friend watching over my shoulder, I found myself interested in a way I never had been for any other match.  I quickly clicked the button that would initiate contact with the man.  That was on this day exactly three years ago.

Fast forward a little less than two weeks when we first chatted on the phone.  It was Christmas Eve; we were both at our parents’ houses for the holiday, sequestering ourselves in our rooms for the call like we did when we were teenagers.  The call was easily over an hour.  And I knew by the time we hung up that there was a real possibility that this was IT.

Now, every Christmas, M and I reminisce about that Christmas three years ago when miracles really did happen, when we both got the unspoken gift on our wish lists.  Without a doubt, he was the best Christmas gift I ever got.  It almost makes me believe in Santa again.

Of course, the second best Christmas gift ever came in the wee hours of Christmas last year, although I wouldn’t know it for another two weeks.  M and I are almost positive that our romantic interlude to celebrate the holiday is also the date of BabyN’s conception.  We have plenty of reasons to love this time of year.

So what’s the best Christmas present you ever got?