Living With a Toddler

December 14, 2007

Things the older child has whined and cried about since waking up less than an hour ago:

–Getting breakfast

–Not getting breakfast fast enough

–Not getting to eat my breakfast

–Me finishing my breakfast

–Having the straps on his monkey backpack latched together when he wanted them unlatched

–Being unable to open the parts of this stupid cheap toy

–Being unable to close the parts of the same stupid toy

–Me talking to him when he’s fussing

–Me looking at him when he’s fussing

–Me…breathing, I guess

This is going to be a long, long day.  M is also having lunch with his boss, so I won’t have the reprieve in the middle of the day that I’m used to.  I’m cranky, hormonal (I think I’m on the rag), and sleep-deprived, so my patience is non-existent.  I think M should be quite proud if he gets home to find all of us still alive today.