All I Want for Christmas…

December 15, 2007

is a good night’s sleep.  (Although, one year it was my two front teeth.  Which I got.  But that’s another story for another day.)  I’m tired of acting like it’s great to spend time with BabyN in the middle of the night.  It’s not really quality time when I can’t keep my eyes open long enough to enjoy it.  And I don’t really know that I need that much quality time, as it is still two to three feedings per night.  He’s twelve weeks old today and still won’t let me get a full night’s sleep, even when he sleeps eight hours straight.  I think my longest stretch of sleep recently has been between four and five hours.  Be glad you’re hearing about this on a day after one of those better nights because I have been much more depressed about it lately on worse days.

M has definitely been listening to my endless complaints about the sleep issue, though, because he is spending some of his hotel points from all the business travel he’s done lately on a hotel room near his parents’ house for shortly after Christmas.  We’ll let his parents watch the kids for a night while we take off and catch up on sleep.  I think he expects something else to happen, but I’m just in it for the sleep.

Of course, now that the hotel room is booked, I’m already having second thoughts.  My little baby isn’t yet three months old, and I’m already planning to leave him in someone else’s care for a full night.  I haven’t left him for longer than an hour before, and even that was nerve-wracking.  What am I thinking?!  I’m going to miss him like crazy, I’m sure.  I’m getting sad just thinking about it.  Isn’t it crazy how that works?  I guess I want a good night’s sleep with BabyN right by my side; I don’t want to get one regardless of whether or not he’s ready to give me one.  But I’m sure I’ll get over it by the time we get to go.  I have plenty of time to get used to the idea.  It will be good to get away after all.