Oh, Yeah

What I forgot to mention in yesterday’s short-and-to-the-point post is that as usual I will likely be posting more sporadically over the next week while we’re out of town.  But don’t worry; I’m sure I’ll be collecting all sorts of great in-law stories to tell.  The first has already happened.  My FIL unintentionally ruined a surprise for M.  One of the gifts my parents wanted to get him was out of stock everywhere until Thursday when I happened to run across it online.  I ordered it immediately and had it shipped one-day, which they said should get there ON Christmas Eve.  Well, it got there yesterday instead.  And I had it shipped to my in-laws so he could have it on Christmas.  But I didn’t get a chance to warn my in-laws it was coming first because it shipped so fast, so my FIL called M to find out what it was.  M in turn checked my credit card (off-limits for him this time of year) and saw how much I’d charged on it.  He knew by the price what it most likely was.

The big surprise was that he was getting a present there, not the gift itself, which was on his list.  So by discovering he had something waiting for him, it was ruined–and more that he just had to do the research to figure out what it probably was.  (And no, I’m not confirming whether or not he was right about his guess, in case he decides to stop by here between now and Christmas.)

Minor drama and nothing I can blame my in-laws for.  That’s just my stupid luck.  Anyway, check back after your holidays to see what great stuff happened while we were gone.  I’m sure there will be lots.

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