Christmas Milestones

I feel like I’ve been gone forever, and it’s only been half a week.  It’s been busy, though, between the two Christmases and all the traveling.  Right now I’m enjoying my last Christmas gift, a night away from the kids while their grandparents watch them.  M and I are in a free hotel room for the night, after a double date with his brother and SIL that was paid for by Christmas gift cards.  We also drove his parents’ car the half-hour to get here, so it’s on free gas.  Not bad, huh?  I almost feel bad for taking advantage of them like this.

But they love watching the kids.  I think they feel honored that I was able to tear myself away from BabyN for the night and leave him with them–my first night away from him.  Honestly, it’s killing me.  A large part of me wants to rush home to be with him again, or ask the grandparents to bring him here.  But then I’d disturb his sleep and feel guilty for it.  Instead I’m suffering silently.  I haven’t even called to check on the boys yet.  I don’t think I could handle hearing an update–either good or bad.

Oh, and BabyN has hit several milestones while on the trip.  He rolled over from his back to his belly on Christmas Eve. Then he started teething yesterday, complete with low-grade fever, diarrhea, difficulty eating, and fussiness.  Maybe it’s not so bad that someone else has to deal with that tonight.  If only he weren’t so giggly and sweet the majority of the time still…

PJ also hit one wonderful milestone on the trip here on Sunday: he puked for the first time.  He was quite the spitter as a baby, but he never actually puked, especially not once he started eating real food.  He was bored in the car, though, and tried experimenting to see what would happen when he stuck his fingers down his throat.  He found out.  I ended up changing his icky-smelling clothes in the car about an hour away from our destination, hoping and praying the smell wouldn’t waft to the front seat.  On the bright side, he hasn’t tried the fingers-down-the-throat trick since then.  And I discovered that I have a stronger stomach about puke than I would have expected.

The visit with the in-laws hasn’t been nearly as stressful this time.  Either they’re getting less annoying or I’m getting more used to them.  But I’ll still do my share of ranting when we get back home.  It looks like we’ll be back Friday after another overnight stay at my parents to split up the trip for the boys.  You can expect more regular posts probably starting on Saturday.  Sorry for the delay!

One Response to Christmas Milestones

  1. erica says:

    Enjoy your free time.Glad you guys have had a good trip.

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