A Couple Things

December 31, 2007

Ooh, I can’t believe I missed a day of blogging for no good reason.  Time to play catch-up.  Briefly, here’s what’s been happening the last few days:

1. PJ is sick, for the first time ever.  He’s had a couple of days where he felt less than great in the past, but nothing that counted as a real illness.  But now he’s either having the mother of all allergy attacks or he has a cold.  Poor kid.  I wish I could just make it go away so he can feel great again.  He acts like he feels okay most of the time he’s awake–other than asking for “sleep tight” repeatedly–but he woke up miserable several times last night.  Add in BabyN’s reversion to numerous nighttime feedings, and I didn’t get much sleep last night.

2. A few weeks before Christmas, M and I discovered that we’d lost a lot of files and pictures from two years ago, including all of PJ’s newborn pictures.  Needless to say, we were upset.  Since then we’ve gotten copies of the pictures my parents have and the ones we gave my in-laws way back when.  It appears as though we’ve gotten all those irreplaceable pictures back.  As a result of the scare, though, we’ve been researching better ways to back up all these pictures.  M found a place online that will back up to 150 gigs for only $50 a year, so he signed us up.  And we’ve been uploading all our pictures (13 gigs worth) since then.  I’ve been avoiding using the computer so that everything will upload faster (the program just runs in the background and gives up some of the bandwidth it’s using for anything else you’re doing).  That’s really why I avoided blogging yesterday.

3. Totally unrelated, but could you guys be praying for M’s boss’s daughter?  If you remember, she’s the one that was born about a month ago, delivered on their kitchen floor by her daddy.  He called M a few days ago asking for some information related to insurance stuff because they were refusing to cover treatments on the newborn who was in the hospital.  M didn’t feel it was appropriate to ask what was going on, but it sounded serious.  He says this guy never gets upset, but he was on the verge of tears at the time.  We haven’t heard anything from them since and may not until M returns to work on Wednesday.  I’m worried about that little girl.  I can’t imagine how I would handle it if it was one of my own babies.

4. And while we’re thinking of that all-too-memorable birth story, here’s something quite funny.  I keep getting hits for “how to retile a kitchen floor” since that story.  I laugh every time I see that because I’m sure that’s totally not what they expected.  It turns out that post comes up as the fourth hit on google when you search for the phrase.  Hilarious!