New Year Stuff

I’ve been reading everyone else’s blogs and seen a trend for posts summing up the old year and making goals for the new year.  I figure I should probably do the same, but mine would be incredibly boring.

Here’s my summary of last year: BabyN.  The pregnancy, the birth, the early months.  PJ’s growth and reaction to being a big brother.  And that’s about it.  I won’t get all sappy about it or go into any detail because most of you followed me through the journey.

Next year: Hopefully less eventful than the last!  I have made a few sort-of resolutions for the first time in a long time.  The first is to get back to my pre-PJ weight, only about five pounds less than I weigh now.  I think that’s doable, especially with all our new, fun, get-ya-moving Wii games we got for Christmas.  The second is to start going to church on a weekly basis–a resolution M and I have made together.  We are both religious people and hate that we haven’t made it a priority.  I was too sick during much of both pregnancies and it’s hard with a kid or two, so we got out of the habit long ago.  Also, we haven’t found a church remotely close to us that we like, and it’s much harder to drive half an hour or longer on Sunday mornings to get there.  So we’re now looking at churches that were not in our original search.  It’s time for these kids to start their religious training, even if it’s slightly different from what we would have chosen to teach them.

Unrelated to new year stuff, PJ is still fighting his cold.  We had to break down last night and give him a small dose of the recalled allergy medicine just so he could have enough relief to sleep.  On the bright side, he’s still sleeping now (at almost 11 in the morning), finally catching up on all that missed sleep over the last few days.  He’s also been super snuggly, willing to just sit in our laps and lay his head on our chest for the comfort.  That’s highly unusual for this energetic kid.  Of course, as much as I enjoy the snuggling, I hate it too because it means he truly feels bad.  I just hope we’re on the far end of the cold now.  If not, I guess I’ll be calling the doctor when they finally open again.

One Response to New Year Stuff

  1. Chas says:

    Good luck with your resolution to get involved in a church. I think that’s a very important thing for a family. Hopefully, you’ll find a nice fit and something close to what you want. If it’s a Christian churched, whether it be Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, or even non-denominational, just remember that they all have the same goal in mind…to lead us to the Lord, all the other stuff is just details.

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