After yesterday’s post, things have only gotten worse.  Not only have I not gotten a day off, but I’m not likely to any time soon.  And now I’m sick with the same crud PJ has.  M, on the other hand, gets a day off from work today because he also has the crud.  At least I can count on him to help out, whether or not he feels like it.  That will make it a little easier to take care of two sick kids while I also feel bad.  Oh, did I not mention that other thing?  BabyN sounds like he’s coming down with it too.  It looks like he’s going to have the mildest case, though.  I’m crossing my fingers.

I firmly believe this crud can be traced back to my dad, and my brother and SIL before that (the good ones).  One of them had the crud when my parents visited them over Christmas.  They swore it was allergies, probably due to their real Christmas tree–even though neither has had allergies to a real tree before.  My dad ended up having the same allergic reaction, coincidentally enough, although he too has never been allergic to Christmas trees before.

My mom says she’s sure my dad couldn’t have passed it on to PJ because he was coughing when we got there for our swing through on the way home.  What she doesn’t know is that he started a new game at Christmas where he imitated coughing, which he heard plenty of thanks to my asthma issues.  If he wanted attention, he would fake cough to try to get us to imitate him.  That’s what my mom heard.

And oddly enough, a mere day after seeing them, PJ started with a runny nose.  And it has to be something contagious if the rest of us started getting it a few days later.  That can’t be a reaction to allergens, especially ones at home that we should be used to.  We also haven’t exactly socialized with lots of people since.  I’m annoyed now that we got the cold because we wouldn’t have stayed that last night with my parents if we knew my dad had it.  But they swore to me repeatedly that it was just an allergy attack, and because I believed them, we’re all paying for it.


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