Snippets from Christmas

PJ and M are getting better; BabyN and I are getting worse.  This sucks, but at least it’s the weekend and M is able to help out a little, unlike yesterday.  To get my mind off it and stop complaining for a few minutes, here are the funnier stories from our holiday trip that I keep forgetting to write about.

1. This one is hilarious.  I love M’s grandmother, but she definitely does things her own way.  She was particularly proud of a couple of pairs of pants she found on sale for PJ.  He’s kind of short, but even skinnier for his height and has problems fitting into lots of pairs of pants; they’re either too long or too big around the waist.  So Grandma was excited to show me some pants that looked like they would be the right length but were a little tighter than most pants.  They had belled bottoms.  They were most certainly girl pants.  My pretty boy PJ looks very feminine in them, regardless of what top he’s wearing.  The rest of us have had a good laugh about it, but we wouldn’t dare tell Grandma.

2. You know how I was bragging about how BabyN rolled over for the first time while we were there?  Now I’m starting to doubt that ever happened.  He hasn’t shown any signs of being interested in that since, nor had he really before.  If he did roll over, it was a fluke.  Here’s what happened: BabyN fell asleep on my MIL.  She had to get up to pee or something, so she moved him to his bed.  A few minutes later he woke up crying, so I followed her into the room where he was sleeping.  He was on his belly at this point.  He hadn’t been in there long and hadn’t been awake long.  If he rolled over, it happened quickly, without much trial and error.  I think it’s more likely that she–the nurse, remember–put him down on his belly and won’t fess up to it because she knows it’s a huge no-no.

3. It always astounds me how different Christmas with his family is compared to mine.  We actually try to get gifts that each individual person wants.  His parents get generic gifts, the same thing for all the boys and the same thing for all the girls.  To make it a bigger Christmas, they give cash.  The only personal gifts (i.e. gifts that will ever get used) are the ones for the kids.  This year M got a pair of pajama pants that are way too huge for any of the boys to wear and a cheap screwdriver set.  I doubt neither M nor his brothers ever uses either.  On the other hand, my parents got him several video games they knew he would like and a new flash for our camera–all stuff we’ve used numerous times since Christmas already.  I guess his family’s Christmas is more selfish and less thoughtful than the ones I grew up with.

4. My favorite time of the whole trip was our Christmas evening dinner.  I was having a killer asthma attack from the dogs’ hair and my inhaler had stopped working.  I had to get out of the house just to be able to breathe again.  When we heard we were having leftovers from Christmas lunch, which was pretty awful, M and I decided that was a good opportunity to escape for a while so I didn’t end up in the hospital.  Unfortunately, the tiny town where they live is a little short on food options, especially on Christmas day.  The only places we found open were a Chinese food buffet and Denny’s.  Normally we hate Denny’s, but it sounded wonderful compared to our other options.  That hour or so we spent at Denny’s on Christmas was the best of the trip.  The food ended up being wonderful and the people-watching even better.  It’s a rare crowd that ventures out for a meal on Christmas.

Oops, time to tend to kids again.  After this, I think it’s safe to say I’ll have filled my quota of listening to whining for the year.  I hope the kids get the memo.


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