De-Lurking Bandwagon

I’m too lazy to find the link or put up the cute button or whatever, but apparently it’s De-Lurking week or something like that.  I’ve never encouraged comments (at least not like this–I prefer the passive-aggressive method), but I guess I might as well jump on the bandwagon and do so now.  If you need something more to comment on than to mention you’re de-lurking (am I cool enough to have lurkers?), how about you tell me the funniest story that’s ever happened to you?  If you have kids, that could be either really easy (lots of stories to choose from) or very hard (lots of stories to choose from).

By the way, I’m so late posting today because the whole day ended up out of whack.  The boys and I had a last-minute doctor’s appointment to make sure BabyN wasn’t as bad as I was afraid he was getting.  Turns out I’m neurotic after all.  He has a cold (duh) and should be fine.  We just need to keep watching for breathing problems, just in case.

And that is all.  Go comment already.


2 Responses to De-Lurking Bandwagon

  1. emep says:

    Not so much a lurker as much as a sporadic commenter. So, hello!

  2. It okay you posterd late. I delurked late.

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