The Background from Yesterday’s Post

Okay, since I really don’t have anything better to write about today anyway, here’s the story about the bassinette at my in-laws’ house.  Over Thanksgiving, we were borrowing their playard because of a shortage at my parents’ house.  They swore it had the bassinette in the bag with it, and we decided to believe them even though we’ve never seen a bassinette actually fit in the bag.  Naturally, they were wrong.  It had part of the changing table, but not even enough of that to help.  We ended up having to get one of my mom’s teacher friends to bring one over the day before Thanksgiving so that all the babies would have somewhere to sleep.  BabyN was definitely too small at that point to try letting him sleep on the bottom part of the playard.

When Christmas came, we were packing up our playard to take with us.  We would need both it and the in-laws’ playard while at their house, even though we were already covered while at my parents’.  Before we left, we realized that we didn’t need to bring the bassinette part of ours since only one of the two playards needed one and his parents’ playard supposedly had one.  Just to be on the safe side, we called them while we were packing to make absolutely sure they could find all the pieces.  His dad said he’d searched and found it.  Thinking we were safe, we left without a bassinette to save room for large Christmas presents.

Well, you can see where this is going.  Shortly after arriving, BabyN needed somewhere quiet to catch a nap, so we started setting up the playards.  M asked his dad to pull out the parts of the bassinette so we could put BabyN down, and suddenly his dad couldn’t find it.  After searching high and low, all over the house, he found the other two pieces of the changing table, but that’s all he found.

I’m not sure how we realized it, but we did eventually discover that the playard had never had a bassinette with it.  I didn’t remember ever seeing one and could have sworn that this particular model didn’t have one, but if his dad said he found it, then I wasn’t going to argue.  I don’t know what I would have argued about, but it would have been nice if I did.  Instead, I was forced to kill my back lifting BabyN in and out of the normal playard all week long.

I guess I wouldn’t be so annoyed about it if it had been a simple mistake, if it had simply been a misunderstanding somehow.  What bothers me is that his dad said he had found the parts of the bassinette when he really hadn’t even searched.  It took him forever to even find the missing parts of the changing table.  Essentially he lied to us and that caused some real problems.  That’s what bugs me most about the whole situation.

Other than that, though, his parents were really pretty good this visit.  I’m guessing this will be the only rant I have from this trip.


One Response to The Background from Yesterday’s Post

  1. erin says:

    Ack, I hate lying! Would it have been so hard for him to just tell you all he couldn’t find it/didn’t look so you would have been able to bring your own? Once again, our inlaws sound a lot alike 🙂

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