I’m whining again today, just to warn those of you who’d rather read something positive and upbeat.  But it’s not so much that I’m in a bad mood.  Yes, I’m frustrated that BabyN insists on being held right now, and sometimes even that isn’t enough to keep him happy (I’m guessing teething).  Yes, I’m frustrated that PJ is being more of a 2-year-old than usual, complete with endless tantrums that render him inconsolable.  Yes, I’m frustrated that I am forced to deal with both crying kids all by myself this week.

Yet those aren’t the big problem.  My biggest problem is that I’m struggling a lot more to handle them right now because of the pain.  I’m having this awful joint pain in just about every joint.  Even typing this is difficult because of the wrist and finger movement involved.  Walking isn’t easy, especially when carrying one child or the other.  I’ve tried every kind of pain medicine we have, including the mega-Ibuprofen from giving birth.  They don’t even dull the pain.

I don’t know what’s wrong, and as the pain increases, I’m starting to worry more.  Has anybody dealt with this before?  Do you have any ideas about what could be wrong?  I need to get the pain under control as soon as possible so that I can continue to care for my boys properly.


4 Responses to Ow.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry but do you ever not complain? You are NEVER happy. With anything. You have two beautiful, healthy children and ALL you do is whine and complain about how hard it is to take care of them. When you weren’t pregnant, you whined about getting pregnant and how disappointed you were that it was taking so long. When you were pregnant, you whined about the misery of pregnancy and how you couldn’t wait for it to be over. Seriously, look back at your entries. When BabyN was born you complained about how you wouldn’t get as much attention because he wasn’t a preemie. OH MY GOSH. Do you not understand the craziness of that? You come up with all these conspiracy theories about family members out to get you. Lady, I’m sure NO ONE is out to get you. Not your mother in law, not your own mother (that whole thinking they were lying about having a cold and saying it was allergies? That’s INSANE. They probably didn’t know they had a cold!), not your brother with his calendar idea. And you wonder why no one comments. Think about it. It’s miserable to be around someone who is never happy. The truth is, I want you to be happy. I would actually enjoy reading about your family if you could just focus on the positive. I know you’re going to take this comment to heart. I know you’re going to be really upset when you read it but if someone doesn’t call you out on your negativity, maybe it’ll never get better. Maybe you should look into talking to someone, a therapist, a counselor. Who knows? It really might help.

  2. Kayce says:

    Anonymous, I’m trying not to take offense to your comment. I’m hoping you meant it in the best of ways. Since you obviously read here often, I’m responding to you in the hopes that you will read it and understand a little why it seems as though I’m never happy.

    The biggest reason is that I have another blog, intended for the family, where I blog all the great and fun and happy things going on in my life, all the cute new things PJ says and all that stuff that lights up my life. I created this one so that I could say those less than happy things that crossed my mind. I didn’t intend for it to become my place to whine, even thought it may look that way. And if you do go back and read the entries, you will find that there are a number of positive ones in there too. I’m sorry the negative ones seem to outweigh the positives in your memory, and I am going to try to write more positive entries. That’s just not the easiest thing to do without repeating everything I’ve already written on the other blog.

    I also complain a lot because I don’t want to write the same positive entry every day: “I have two beautiful boys whom I love more than anything and the most wonderful husband in the world.” There are only so many ways to expound on that, and even that would be super boring. Obviously the complaining isn’t too boring, as much as it bothers you, because you’re still reading.

    As far as the conspiracy theories go, I’m sorry they came across that way. Sometimes when I vent, I take things to their extremes. I really don’t think my family is in a conspiracy against me. There are situations that have annoyed me that I can realize I’ve overreacted to, but I’ve typically stated that from the start. Can I be allowed my moments of immaturity if I at least recognize them as being immature?

    So does that make sense? As I said, I will try to focus more on the positive from now on, but I doubt every entry will be a happy one. If you’d like the address to the family blog that is nearly all happy, positive entries, e-mail me and I’ll get that to you. You’ll see that there are two sides to me, not just this Eeyore-ish one I’ve apparently portrayed here.

  3. MrsSSG says:

    Kayce, that was a very good response to someone who may or may not have the best intentions in telling you all that. Your blog is your blog, readers can like it or leave it.

  4. Erin says:

    Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I’m just now reading this entry of yours…I’m sort of going through the same thing. I’m undergoing physical therapy at the moment. I posted about it in the blog…I tried a new medication that didn’t work out. Supposedly my joint problems stem from problems I was born with (congenital hip dysplasia and loose ligaments). I feel for you and hope you find some answers soon. I don’t know if my email shows up to you when I post a comment, since it requires me to enter it…but it’s dareutomove0924@hotmail.com….you can always email me if you want w/ any questions or if you just need to talk about feeling like crap. I totally know how that feels 🙂

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