Some Things I Have Learned

1. I’m a lot less annoyed by grammar mistakes now when I read blogs than I was at the beginning of this blogging adventure.  Note that I didn’t say I’m not annoyed at all; I can cope a lot better now anyway.  There are still blogs, however, that I stumble across that I find unreadable because of the grammar errors.  (Note to self: I need to tell you guys the story of Tim the Firefighter some day.)

2. I’m a little less of a stickler for my own grammar now as well.  I’ve been known to write sentence fragments and start sentences with conjunctions, occasionally write a run-on, and become more careless with my commas.  Nearly every single one is conscious, however, but I’m able to make grammar errors for the sake of style.  Or something like that.

3. People are inherently self-centered.  Most of us write our own blogs about ourselves with only an occasional entry focused on someone other than us (or our kids).  After all, though, who do we know better than ourselves?  It’s much easier to write our own thoughts and what is going on in our lives than focus on something else altogether.

4. We’re also all voyeurs at heart.  I don’t know about most of you, but my favorite blogs are the ones where I get to peek at what’s going on in the lives of different people.  It’s fascinating to see how different people live their lives, what things they find important enough to blog about.  I like when people post pictures of themselves, their kids, and their houses so that I can put a visual behind their words (yet I don’t do the same…hmmm…I’m such a hypocrite!).

5. Blogs are very one-sided views of people’s personalities.  We get in the habit of writing certain ways about certain subjects.  As a result, we ignore many other facets of our lives and personalities.  I suspect that even the most perky bloggers have their down moments from time to time, quite likely more often that it would appear from their blogs.  This doesn’t mean that we should try to blog more faithfully to our own personalities–because I don’t think a blog can ever perfectly portray that–but that we should be more understanding when reading the blogs of others.  A person’s last post tells no more about that person’s true personality than how they were feeling at the exact moment they wrote that post.  There is most certainly much more going on in that person’s life than can possibly be blogged.  We need to recognize that we’re getting a skewed view of people through their blogs and accept them for whoever they are–both on their blogs and in real life.

So what have you learned from your foray into Blogworld?  I’m sure I’ve missed a few good lessons here.


One Response to Some Things I Have Learned

  1. erica says:

    I learned that it is hard making time to blog…lol who knew?And that when I go back through my blog I have made a ton of mistakes…I think I will blame it on the kiddos since I usually have to take a break and then go back to blogging…I love the pictures on the other blog.They are so cute.

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