Taking Control

Today BabyN turns four months old, and I decided it was an appropriate time for several milestones.  First, he has been officially moved out of the bassinette in his playard.  He weighed fifteen pounds according to our scale yesterday, so I knew the inevitable had come.  I’m too chicken to push the weight limits of that bassinette.  For now he’s sleeping in the bottom of the playard.  I hate the solution, but it’s better than moving a crib that doesn’t fit through our doors into our room or making us all go without enough sleep by moving him into the room with PJ.

The other big change we’re working on is getting him moved to a decent schedule so that he can share a room with his brother.  It wouldn’t be a big deal to put them both down in the same room at the same time, which could happen now since they tend to keep the same bedtime.  But PJ would definitely wake up at 2:00 or 4:00 or whenever BabyN woke up for his middle-of-the-night feeding.  Then he’d probably wake up for good when BabyN woke up for his first early morning feeding.  That little sleep would make for a cranky toddler, which would make for a cranky mommy.

So I’m trying several different things to ease BabyN into a more normal schedule.  Last night I woke him up before we went to bed to feed him one more time.  I loathe waking up a sleeping baby, but it’s time for desperate measures.  He let me sleep until almost 5:00, so that’s at least an improvement.  If I can get him to sleep until 7:00 or later after that before-bed feeding, then I’ll feel comfortable moving him into the other room.  I think I can put BabyN to bed at the same time as PJ and then sneak in and steal him for that last feeding without disturbing PJ.

I’ve also considered letting BabyN cry a lot longer before getting up to feed him, to make sure that he really does need to eat and won’t just drift off again on his own.  Last night, he was starving by the time I fed him at 5:00, crying up until he was actually eating (normally he stops as soon as I pick him up), so this may not work.  M agrees that it’s still worth a try, though, so we’re both willing to accept less sleep this weekend to try the theory.  (We won’t try during the week; he doesn’t need to be losing that much sleep when he has to work the next day.)

So here’s hoping that by five months, BabyN will be sleeping in his own bed and all the way through the night.  Here’s hoping that sometime in the next month I can finally get a full night’s sleep without interruption.

Oh, and if any of you have faced similar issues and have solutions to try, please share.

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