Lack of Sleep

I wish the boys had a grandma who lived close that I could pawn them off to every so often.  They’ve been quite the handful this morning.  PJ is being your average toddler, complete with ear-piercing shrieks when he doesn’t get what he wants.  In fact, those shrieks are what woke me up.  I’m kind of surprised they didn’t wake up the dog next door as well.  At least once the tantrum ends, it’s several minutes before the next begins.  I like the breaks.

BabyN is generally sweet, but he kept me from getting much sleep last night.  Apparently my attempts to tweak his sleep schedule backfired last night.  He was awake and angry every three hours all night and wouldn’t calm down until I’d fed him.  He was also so tired that he did his sleep-eat thing that takes forever.  Maybe that’s why I’m so easily frustrated by it today–I’m exhausted and cranky.

And it’s been about three hours since he ate, so he’s getting fussy again.  Do you think it could be a growth spurt?  Maybe my attempts to change his schedule have nothing to do with all the waking because he’s just that hungry no matter what.  I can hope.  I’m SOOO ready to have my nights back.  Really, I was just spoiled with PJ.  There’s a good sleeper for you.  I knew before BabyN was born that the odds of having a repeat with the sleeping were slim, but it seems I didn’t quite fully prepare myself for this.


4 Responses to Lack of Sleep

  1. MrsSSG says:

    yes definetely growth spurt…..have you thought about pumping and having your husband do a night feeding? I am sure you have maybe it is just something you don’t want to do though.

  2. Kayce says:

    That is a thought. I never think about that because I hate bothering my husband at night. I’ll save it until things get desperate, though (and only on the weekend). BabyN doesn’t ever eat quite as well from a bottle, and I tend to wake up any time BabyN’s awake, even if there’s nothing I need to do to help him at the time. So unless I’m dead tired, I won’t really get anything out of the help.

    And I’m glad you agree it’s a growth spurt. It makes me feel a bit of relief knowing that this is likely temporary and not a new habit I’ll need to break him of.

  3. MrsSSG says:

    coming from someone whose husband is away right now and I don’t know what it feels like to share night feedings, try it won’t you and let me know! Have a bottle ready and put baby N in with PJ, you need your rest… work during the day too and so does your husband so why should he get all the sleep?

  4. erica says:

    I’m not much help.I had a sleeper the first time around.Braidi is three and still wakes up atleast twice…He’s four months now?In a couple of months you can introduce cereal and maybe he will sleep better then.I always gave it to the boys around bed time and they slept better.Good luck…

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