My Hubby

I’ve had a hankering to write about politics lately, but today I find I’m not really in the mood for that kind of debate so I think I’ll put it off for another couple of days.  Instead I’ll take my cues from the comments from yesterday’s post and elaborate some on my hubby and our relationship.

M really and truly is the man of my dreams.  I doubt any of your husbands are quite as considerate and sweet as mine (okay, you’ll probably say so, but let me pretend I have the best, okay?).  He treats me like a queen, to the point that I actually feel guilty about it.  Both times I was pregnant, he was basically my cook, maid, and personal servant any second he was home.  That was when he started the routine of driving home during his lunch break, even if he spent twice as much time on the road as he did at home.  He never complained about all the extra work he was doing because I was too sick to do it myself.

Even now he is all too caring about me.  He knows that it stresses me out to have to deal with cooking dinner most nights when I’m also working around feeding BabyN and have fought PJ all day long, so he jumps to take care of it without hesitation (and yes, he is definitely the better cook).  I don’t feel comfortable taking both boys places very often, so we go grocery shopping together in the evenings–and if I need a break, he will do it by himself and take PJ.  He does at least half the housecleaning, if not more, and never asks me to do the chores that annoy me most (of course, I don’t ask him to do the ones he doesn’t like either).  Can you see why I feel like I take advantage of him?

M works all day long yet still has sympathy for me when I’ve had a bad day, even though we both know he still worked harder than I did.  That’s part of the reason I try to be considerate about not disturbing him at night.  He makes many more sacrifices for me, so if I can make even this one for him, I feel a little better about what he does.  His job is also very important.  Without giving too many specifics, he works around giant motors with high voltage.  They are really quite dangerous for people who aren’t careful.  If he makes even one tiny mistake, it could have fatal results, either for him or one of his co-workers.  And if he hurt someone else, even accidentally, he would be held liable, would certainly lose his job, and possibly even be jailed for it (according to what he has told me).  For that reason, he needs to be at his best every day, which can’t happen if he doesn’t get enough sleep during the week.

But on weekends he does his best to give me a break.  He voluntarily gets up early at least one morning to watch the boys while I sleep late.  He will take over nighttime feedings if I ask him to.  And that’s exactly why I don’t, if that makes any sense.  I hate feeling like I’m taking advantage of his generosity.  I try to keep things as balanced as possible by doing everything I possibly can on my own and only letting him help me out occasionally, but it still happens more than I’d like.  I know he’s making many more sacrifices for our family–and me–than I ever will be able to do for him.


One Response to My Hubby

  1. MrsSSG says:

    he sounds like a great man and good family man!

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