All Over the Place

–This story may not be funny to anyone but me, but I think it’s hilarious.  Remember how I mentioned my dad is visiting?  Well, he’s a bit anal about certain things.  One of those things is his toilet paper.  It must be “under.”  My husband is just as anal about his toilet paper, which must be “over.”  (I prefer over, but I can handle it when I’m at someone else’s house and theirs is under.)  Within minutes of my dad’s arrival, the toilet paper in our guest bathroom mysteriously got changed to under.  Since it’s centrally located in the house, we all use that bathroom often during the day.  I can tell it’s driving M crazy to use the toilet paper.  I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t changed it back yet.  It’s hilarious for me to watch this standoff take place.  By the way, is it considered appropriate to change someone’s toilet paper when you’re visiting at their house?  It seems to me like it might be overstepping some bounds if you’re not the only one who will be using the bathroom while you’re visiting.

–PJ woke up in the middle of the night last night.  We’re not sure, but it might have been a nightmare.  It felt so good to have a reason to hold him close in my lap, even if he was crying at the time.  There’s something so sweet about being able to comfort your child by holding him close like that.  Anyway, it cracked me up when he suddenly stopped crying, pulled back from me, and told me “All done!”  After that, he was ready to go back to bed.  How’s that for a quick recovery?  That kid cracks me up.

–I think BabyN may have developed a decent routine, at last.  I recognize it from PJ’s early days; he had the same basic routine for several months.  Right now, BabyN wakes up and eats and then plays for a little while.  Two hours after getting up, he’s exhausted and needs a nap.  The two hours is the key.  I remember it got much easier to care for PJ once I discovered the two-hour rule because I could almost always figure out why he was crying.  It’s the same thing with BabyN now.  Our morning routine isn’t as set, so it takes some time to adjust back to the three-hour rotation, but once we’re there things are good.  Now if only he would sleep all the way through the night.  We’re still working on that one.

–I’m putting off writing anything deep right now.  I just can’t find the motivation.  I keep promising these cool, deep posts that I have running through my mind, but when it comes to putting the words down on paper, it just doesn’t happen.  Eventually.  In the meantime I’m blaming hormones.  It’s great being a woman when you can pass off nearly every shortcoming as hormone-related, isn’t it?

–I’ve decided next week we finally give up and start potty training.  I’ve put it off long enough.  Any hints from you more experienced mothers?  I don’t have any idea how to get started.  And this is the part that I’m least looking forward to:  how do you clean out a used potty?  Everything I’ve read discussion about effective use of bribes, underpants v. pull-ups, etc, but none of them talk about this aspect of it.


4 Responses to All Over the Place

  1. chas says:

    You dump the poop or pee in the toilet and then wash it out in the tub. That’s what I do.

  2. MrsSSG says:

    I have never ever given thought to “over” or “under”…..I will have to pay more attention next time to see which I like better!

  3. erin says:

    We dump the poop in the toilet and wipe it out with a clorox wipe–I really do hate that part. She’s only gone in it a few times though. She lost all interest in the potty and we had to abandon potty training for a while.

  4. webbyerine says:

    Hey there, we had a pretty easy time potty training my daughter. I think the trick is NOT using pull ups until they are trained and as a “just in case.” We had her using the toilet every 15 minutes, then every half hour and so forth until she understood what she was feeling. And we ahd her naked underneath dresses. It helps that we have wood floors in case of an accident. And you cannot go anywhere for a week. That is what worked for us! We bribed her with a big girl bed. She was in a crib until potty trained.

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