My Nephew Is Here

My nephew was born sometime this afternoon.  I don’t have a specific time, but she was supposed to be going in for a c-section at 2:30, so I’m assuming shortly after then.  As of about ten minutes ago, neither of them had seen their son yet.  He’s a reasonable 3 lbs, 11 oz–reasonable for his gestational age anyway.  He’s not as healthy as PJ was, though.  He’s on a ventilator and will be for the next few days.  They went ahead and put in a central line because they’re not expecting him to be able to handle real food for some time.  My SIL also isn’t doing as well as hoped; she’s on oxygen right now because they can’t get her O2 up to normal levels yet.  Keep praying for all of them.

It sounds like these are fairly typical setbacks, as much as we wish they weren’t happening.  They will probably keep them both from leaving as soon as they would hope, but the doctors know how to handle them and they will probably not become life-threatening.  Still, I have to wonder how things would be different if they were in a big-city hospital.

One funny thing…they were still debating names up until the last day or so.  M’s brother gave up and passed all his naming rights on to my SIL.  He decided she’d been through enough with the baby that she got to decide what he was going to be named.  I sure am glad M and I agreed on names all along so I wouldn’t have to go through something like this to get my way!


One Response to My Nephew Is Here

  1. erica says:

    Hope everything continues to go ok.Sending lots of prayers.Keep us updated.

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