My Excuse

February 3, 2008

I wish I could say I didn’t blog this weekend because we did anything exciting, but the truth is that my joint pain has been too bad to think about typing much.  That’s also the reason this post is so short.  I’m hoping tomorrow it will be better.

Speaking of better, though, I have good news about the situation with my SIL and nephew.  She got moved back out of ICU yesterday morning.  The fluid finally started to flush, and she recovered immediately.  No word yet on when she’ll be released, but I’m guessing it will be after a pretty normal time period for a c-section.  The baby is also doing well.  They’re having some trouble keeping his IV, etc, in because he fights it too much.  Considering they automatically sedate all the NICU babies there, that’s impressive.  It sounds like he’s a real fighter.  As annoying as it must be for the nurses, that’s a good thing.  (By the way, how barbaric is that to sedate all the babies?  Also, they keep all their eyes covered until they hit 34 weeks gestation because they think using their eyes that early will damage them.  Has anybody else heard of that?  Is that the new way to care for preemies, or is this hospital behind the times?)  We haven’t heard any updates about them today, but in this case no news is good news.