It’s a New Day

I gotta tell you, it was TOUGH to keep that positive attitude last night.  It’s very difficult to stay upbeat when you have two kids screaming at you at the top of their lungs, the pizza guy is an hour late, and your hubby can’t call on Valentine’s Day because all the phone lines are busy with people calling their loved ones to let them know they were not involved in the nearby school shooting.  It was pure chaos here.  PJ didn’t get a long nap and threw pretty much one long tantrum from the end of said naptime until I put him down for an early bedtime four hours later.  I also think BabyN is teething worse, so he spent much of yesterday screaming and not as much time sleeping.

But then bedtime came–a little early for the boys–and peace returned, and with it, my positive attitude.  It didn’t matter that I was in pain or that I still had a few chores to do around the house.  I could hear myself think again, and that’s all I needed.

And then I woke up at 7:45 this morning to realize that BabyN had slept through yet another night.  I guess the lack of sleep during the day makes him too groggy to wake up to eat at night.  He even went back to sleep after that feeding and snoozed until 11:00.  I had to get up and leave him in the bed where he’d been cuddling with me so that I could take care of PJ.  BabyN didn’t even notice.  (And I sure am glad he didn’t suddenly figure out how to roll over this morning.)

Now all three of us are in good moods after a good night’s sleep.  Tonight M is supposed to get back (pray for good weather in the midwest so that he won’t be delayed again).  Life is good, even before noon.

Now go read some of the blogs on my blogroll.  Some of these women have much more interesting lives than I do right now–Erin needs lots of support, Kristin just got some great news, and several others I don’t know well enough to link to made huge announcements yesterday.

One Response to It’s a New Day

  1. erin says:

    YAY for sleep! That always helps moods.

    Thanks for the support, that’s really sweet of you. 🙂

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