Big News

Well, M is home after an easy flight (and ridiculous drive from the airport), but that’s not the big news.  BabyN didn’t sleep quite through the night last night, the first time in five or six days, but I’ll let it slide this time because–you’ll never see this one coming!–he slept in his brother’s room last night!

M pointed out to me yesterday that it was pointless to move BabyN into his own room, our default plan, since the whole point in concocting that plan was to get him out of our room, both for our sanity and to hopefully push him into sleeping through the night if we were disturbing his sleep.  So why did he need his own room if he was already sleeping all night long?  It felt a little early to try it out, but at least we knew he could sleep all night long.

The boys did well.  BabyN didn’t crash right away, and I had to go comfort him about fifteen minutes after putting the boys down.  PJ hadn’t slept yet either, though, and he didn’t mind the intrusion at all.  After that, peace reigned until about 4:45 when BabyN woke up in an unfamiliar and darker room than usual.  Obviously he was going to be upset.  I fed and comforted him for another 45 minutes and put him back to bed where he dozed right off.  PJ rolled around a bit as I was returning BabyN to bed, but he didn’t wake up.  That was it until almost nine, a perfectly reasonable hour to be awake (even if I wanted more sleep because I let myself stay up way too late last night).

I’m again hesitantly optimistic that this is the start of something wonderful.  I can’t imagine that the transition could have happened just like that–that easily.  But if it went that well one night, what’s to say it can’t happen again tonight, and tomorrow, and the next day?  I have two big boys, and they are happily sharing a room.  Wow.

One Response to Big News

  1. erin says:

    That’s awesome! Let’s hope it continues! We’ve thought about having our kids share a room if they’re same sex and we’ve wondered about them disturbing each other…when baby N woke up, did PJ not wake up from the crying?

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