February 22, 2008

Gosh, I’m tired this morning.  I stayed up too late last night, between the good book I couldn’t put down and the fact that even when I did, the joint pain was bad enough it would keep me awake anyway.  (By the way, it got better for a few days, so I figured it was okay.  Then we got some rain the other day and it’s been bad ever since.)  Then both boys woke up at the same time this morning.  It was really a reasonable time, especially since it was BabyN’s first feeding in over twelve hours, but less reasonable when you consider how late I fell asleep.

Maybe I’ll get a nap when the boys go down for one.  I can always hope, right?

In other news, recently we decided to drop a big chunk of money on a new computer for M.  It’s really nice; I particularly love his monitor.  We decided that there was no need to get rid of his old computer either, as we didn’t need the money and it still works great.  That has become my desktop–and I still have the laptop for blogging, etc.  We are so lucky!  The problem is that when we rearranged our study to accommodate two desktop computers, something about the new configuration has rendered our old computer’s wireless card ineffective.  In fact, the whole computer seems unstable now.  I can’t play around on it for more than a few minutes without the wireless signal disappearing or the whole thing crashing.  M’s ordered a new, better wireless card for it, but it’s kind of a pain in the butt until then.  We got a couple of good laughs out of the situation, joking that the computer just missed him and didn’t like me.  Why else would it suddenly start freaking out for only me?

There’s not much else to talk about today.  I’m starting to get the writing bug again, so if I disappear for a few days, it’s because I’m focusing on writing silly stuff for me again.  I wish I could tell you this stuff is good and going to be published someday, but it makes for a good hobby if nothing else.  At least I know it’s not really good and haven’t set my hopes on it or anything.

And yay.  It’s Friday.  It may have been a short week, but I am so ready for the weekend.