Tests and Evaluations

February 25, 2008

PJ has his language evaluation with ECI tomorrow morning.  Naturally, it comes on the heels of a mini-explosion, with several new words this weekend.  He also started kissing us sometimes, something totally new for him.  I’m thrilled for the new developments, but I’m hoping they won’t be what keeps him from getting treatment.  I know without a doubt that he’s pretty far behind; this evaluation is just to determine exactly how far behind he is.  The worst case scenario is that he’s five months behind because six months is the minimum for treatment (I think).  I would hate for him to be that far behind but not quite enough to get the help.  The best case scenario is that they discover he’s not really behind at all, but I know for a fact that this isn’t going to happen.  With any luck, we should finally get the help he needs after tomorrow.