He’s In

February 26, 2008

PJ’s evaluation this morning lasted about two hours, and by some miracle we were all up, dressed, and ready to go by eight this morning when they showed up.  I even had make-up on.  I am so taking a nap this afternoon.

The good news is that he will be receiving help.  The better news is that he is actually ahead of the game in the social area–seriously, how did that happen?  It’s certainly not genetic, and it’s not as though he gets much peer interaction.

The bad news is that he qualified all too easily for services.  He came in at a 17-month level in the area of cognition (remember he’s 28 months old).  Most of the problems there were related to his speech, though; they don’t really think he’s that far behind in most of his thinking.  What they saw from his language skills, too, came in somewhere between 12 and 18 months.  That one was harder to tell as well because he does do some things near his age level, but so many are still so far behind.

I actually fought tears a little bit when I heard the results.  I knew he was behind, but I was guessing they were going to tell me he was at about a 20-month level.  To think he’s at least a year behind, if not more, is a little scary.

But he’s getting help now.  For the moment they will come work with him once a week.  They also gave me a whole list of things to do at home to make the sessions help just that much more.  It’s going to be difficult to make all those changes in how our most basic interactions work, but they will be worth it.  With any luck, we should start seeing massive improvements within the next few months.  I’ll keep you updated (how could I not?).