Unexpected Craziness

Very quickly….

Shortly after BabyN woke me up this morning, my phone rang.  M was concerned about the password-protected post, so I summed up what it was about, thus negating the need for the password.  But I don’t have time to get rid of the password right now, so it remains.  Things are okay there, if not better because there are no secrets of any sort between us now.

While I was distracted reading all of your blogs, PJ was running amuck all over the house (I could hear if he was getting himself into any trouble).  Suddenly he started squealing with joy, and it only took a minute to figure out why…when a tiny mouse came running across the middle of our living room!  I felt creepy shivers go up and down my back (especially because I thought it was a huge roach at first).  Then I jumped into action to try to chase it out the nearest door.

PJ thought that was a hoot and is still trying to chase a non-existent mouse with one of his daddy’s shoes.  (Don’t worry, hon; it never touched the mouse!)  The chasing didn’t work, so I moved on to a capture-and-release strategy.  He ended up far enough into our bedroom and under our bed that I couldn’t reach him anymore or chase him into a better spot for capturing.  That is hopefully where he remains at the moment.

I moved on to an emergency call to our pest control people, who are sending someone out here later today.  And of course, BabyN proceeded to cry during all this drama.  Oh, and of course while I’m on the phone, holding my crying baby, and watching carefully for a mouse to run between my legs, the doorbell rings and salespeople try to sell me some sort of gourmet food.  Seriously!??!  Cut your pitch short!  Can you not tell that this is an awful time?

So now I’m watching both kids like a hawk because I really, really, really don’t want them to accidentally touch this germ-infested critter running loose in our house.  And if the pest control people don’t get here before PJ’s naptime, he’s not getting one.  There’s no way I’m leaving him unattended in that room without knowing the critter has been apprehended.

Yuck, yuck, yuck!

Update: I saw the mouse run back into our living room, and tired of chasing the little bugger, I just left the back door open and hoped the mouse would choose to enjoy the gorgeous day without my urging.  That’s exactly what happened, and I was all too happy to shut the door on that little, squeaky butt.

I don’t feel much more comfortable in my house, however.  I’m paranoid about any of us touching anything he touched, and I’m keeping my eyes peeled for mouse poop (before PJ gets it).  Besides, even if he’s outside, he had to get in the house somehow in the first place, right?  I hope the pest control guys figure out where he got in and keep this from happening again.  It makes for a funny story, but I don’t really want this kind of excitement again.


3 Responses to Unexpected Craziness

  1. erica says:

    I shouldn’t laugh,but sorry can’t help it.Picturing you trying to catch that mouse is really funny.Hope they get there soon and get the problem taken care of.

  2. MrsSSG says:

    Oh ick! so glad it left!

  3. kathleen says:

    Good thing the mouse left on its own. There are some eco friendly and anti-cruel (aka not mouse traps) commercial products that can make sure the mice won’t pick your house to visit again. Ultrasonic and sonic repellers for instance. They work on birds, bats, rats, mice, and other uninvited house guests. I suggest looking into that.

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