Now Rodent-less

After the surreal day that was yesterday, I’m glad for a little normalcy around here today.  The only critters I’ve seen so far are the two-legged kind–although to be honest, there were moments when I wished I could shoo them out the back door as well.

It came from a crazy night.  (And you thought the craziness ended when the mouse left!)  PJ woke up crying at 11:30 just as I was about to go to bed.  It took a lot of comforting before he would go back to bed, and even then I heard him talking for ages.  I finally made it to bed closer to one by the time all this was over and couldn’t go right to sleep, what with images of rodents scurrying across my bed dancing through my head.  I finally dozed off only to wake up to piercing cries from the other room.  This time it was BabyN.  And he was STARVING.

Side note: Yesterday I caved and started BabyN on solids, a full three weeks-ish before I was planning to.  The nighttime wakings after so many good nights seemed like a good indicator that he needed more than I could give him.  He ate the rice cereal like a pro last night, and I was quite self-congratulatory that I’d noticed his need and gave him what he needed–and that I certainly coaxed a good night’s sleep out of the deal.  Um, or not.

So for the first time ever, I truly co-slept with BabyN.  He munched on and off all night–more on than off.  I told you he was starving.  Of course I couldn’t sleep as well with him snuggled up by my side, especially with feeling the sudden tug every so often that let me know he was snacking again.  Needless to say, anytime this morning was going to be too early to get up.

I’m not feeling as exhausted as I thought I would, but I noticed my patience was quite short with my older son this morning when he threw the longest tantrum in the world, pretty much from the moment he woke up until lunch.

Which begs the question: If both boys are in bed right now, what the heck am I doing blogging?  Shouldn’t I be napping too?  Maybe I’ll get to that when I’ve done all the cleaning I plan to do today.  I want the house super tidy since M gets home this evening.  Yay!


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