Babies on the Brain

Two nights in a row now I’ve had baby dreams.  Two nights ago I had just had a baby girl, and M and I were flabbergasted as we couldn’t imagine it was anything other than a boy.  As we were holding our new baby, we were just beginning the discussion of names.  We hadn’t even considered girl names because we were convinced it was a boy.

Then last night I dreamed I was early pregnant, like I had just found out a day or two earlier, and I was preparing for the onslaught of morning sickness that I knew was around the corner.  I was trying to figure out how to take care of BabyN and still breastfeed him and all while I was pregnant and would have a newborn.  There was this whole other grocery store experience with PJ that was completely unrelated to the baby part of the dream, but I remember the tiny baby in my belly coming up several times during that part of the dream too.

So I wonder why I’m suddenly having baby dreams.  I’m not pregnant right now and can’t get pregnant right now and honestly don’t want to get pregnant right now.  Do I have baby on the brain because I finally admitted to myself and my hubby that I’m not sure we’re done?  Or because my little baby isn’t as much of a baby as he used to be now that he’s eating solid foods?  Aha–maybe it’s that both dreams happened with BabyN curled up next to me (yes, another middle-of-the-night feeding/co-sleeping experience).  I hope that’s it because then there’s not something weird happening in my subconscious but just my brain connecting to something happening in real life.

By the way, M got home safely last night, thank goodness.  We didn’t want to leave each other’s side all evening long.  And today things can return to normal.


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