Here Kitty, Kitty…Sneeze

I’m starting to think of that nasty, germ-infested mouse quite affectionately.  Gross as it was, it may have had one uninteded consequence.  M and I both commented that if ever there was a time we wished we had a cat, that was it.  Then we laughed because we know it’s basically impossible for us to get a cat.

I had a cat in the house pretty much from the time I was about eight until M and I moved into our apartment together after we got married.  I loved my kitty and hated that I couldn’t keep him any longer.  But I couldn’t deal with the cat litter, the smell of the cat (remember I was having nasty morning sickness at the time too), and my reactions to the cat hair were making me sicker too.  It turns out I am much more allergic to animals, especially cats, than I originally thought, which I can tell much more easily without an animal around.

M, too, is allergic to cats and isn’t particularly fond of them either.  He’s a dog man.  So for him to mention how great it would be to have a cat is a BIG deal.  Even if it was just a joke.

But it turns out the comment didn’t end with that laugh.  Last night we started researching cats.  If we can find one of those non-allergenic cats for a reasonable price, we may just get one.  I never thought I’d be a cat owner again, although I’d dreamed of it.  This probably won’t pan out, but I’m thrilled that there’s even a slight possibility it could happen.


2 Responses to Here Kitty, Kitty…Sneeze

  1. heatherflaugh says:

    i love cats!!! I have 3. Happy kitty hunting!!

  2. Erica says:

    Good sneeze luck sneeze.I am very allergic to cats too.

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