It Hit Me Like a Mac Truck

It was bedtime, and M and I were doing our usual cuddle routine before rolling over and crashing.  Out of nowhere, he tells me, “I almost bought you an iPhone earlier.”

Say what?

He continues with his explanation for at least ten minutes, the gist of which was, “Macs are awesome.  They are the wave of the future.  Macs are innovative and will eventually take over the world.”  Or something like that.

I stopped listening as closely after the first few minutes.  I was struggling to catch my breath, worried my heart had stopped beating or something.

You see, I come from a long line of PC-devotees.  My daddy was a PC man, and his daddy before him.  And his daddy would have been too had he lived in an era of computers (and electricity).  It falls under the realm of religion, politics, and the Cowboys in our family.  I was raised as a PC girl, and I will die a PC girl.

One time, in my wilder days, I dated a Mac man.  Talk about rebellious.  I felt like such a bad girl when I was with him.  He never met my family.  Nice as he was, my parents would have flipped if they found out he used a Mac.  Oh, they would have hidden it and acted perfectly civil around him, but I know I would have caught their secret “we’re humoring her rebellion” looks.  The guy was not marriage material for sure, as I would have been forced to convert since he had the superior tech knowledge.

So when M talked positively about Macs in a totally serious way last night, it’s understandable that I had to wonder what this alien did with my husband.  This couldn’t be the man I married.  It would have been easier to digest if he had said he was going to vote for Hillary or look into Buddhism.  He is more devoted to his technology than his religion, I suspect.

Slowly but surely, I am able to understand where he is coming from.  He has done his research, and his opinion doesn’t come out of left field quite the way it seemed to me.  He’s not asking me to give up my religion or my politics after all, and in reality he’s not even asking me to give up my PC–not yet anyway.

Logically, I get it.  The functionality of Macs will quickly supersede that of PCs, giving much more versatility.  The little Macs I grew up with are growing up as well.  If M had said it was this new computer company with these new concepts, I would be thrilled.  It’s the reputation of Macs that I have the aversion to, apparently.

Fortunately, M is giving me time to cope with this shift in my world.  At some point in the future we will probably end up with an iPhone and then a MacBook, but I have time to get used to the idea.  I have time to get over my self-loathing at being one of those people that I was taught to resent.  I just hope I can live with the disappointment of my parents when they find out I’ve given up everything that was important to me.  Except maybe the Cowboys.

**Note: My sense of humor is somewhat dry, to the point that some people can’t figure out when I’m joking.  To ensure I don’t offend this time around, please note that the entire post was written tongue-in-cheek.


One Response to It Hit Me Like a Mac Truck

  1. MrsSSG says:

    I am PC all the way too…..just can’t do MACS…..not sure why…..I love change, but not with my PC, p.s. I think your humor is hilarious…..!

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