Dreaming of Forty Winks

Have I adequately described just how upset I get when I haven’t had enough sleep?  Especially when it’s gone on for several days in a row?  ‘Cause I can’t think of much else this morning.  I have an equally sleep-deprived toddler screaming in my face right now (because I won’t put his pants back on him for the third time in twenty minutes), and it is taking every ounce of self-control to ignore him rather than say or do something I will regret later.  I’m not this bad when I’ve had a full night’s sleep.

Last night BabyN decided he wasn’t going to sleep much at all.  The third time he woke up screaming, just about an hour and a half after I crashed, I gave up and let him lay next to me in bed and nurse.  We all know I fell asleep, waking up to M’s alarm clock with a snoring baby still snuggled up next to me.  I never sleep well like that, and it kills my back and hips.  BabyN woke up for good shortly after M got up, and PJ followed shortly.  That means I got between four and five hours of painful, light sleep.  It’s no wonder I’m cranky today.

I had to get up early yesterday morning for PJ’s first therapy appointment.  It was a little easier then because I had a real reason to be up and neither child woke me up, demanding my immediate attention.  It was also an early morning after several late ones (thank you, M!).  By the way, the session went well.  I wasn’t sure what all she would do and was a little surprised when she just let PJ take the lead and played with him with whatever he wanted to do.  She basically did what I do all day (except she got to leave after a little while).  She was quite impressed with the progress he’s made over the last few weeks since she’s seen him last and suspects he might catch up quite quickly.

Anyway, I’m tired.  I’m cranky.  I’m going to stop complaining and let all of you find something more interesting to go read now.  How about my last post?  It was at least moderately funny, and I don’t think I complained even once.


One Response to Dreaming of Forty Winks

  1. Erica says:

    We make a great pair.I am crabby and feel like at any minute I will rip somebodys head off.Oh fun…I never sleep anyways I think my body is just use to the fact that its lucky to get three hours of sleep.I have a touch of insomnia a three year old that still wakes up,and now neck and back pain…So are you going to set up an appointment to get checked out.I am glad that PJ did good yesterday.Try to get a nap.Take care

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