Happy Pi Day!

Today is the day all of the math nerds come out to play, or at least ‘fess up to their math nerdiness.  I’m one of us.  I openly admit today that I am fascinated with many math concepts and could happily solve complicated math problems all day long (as long as the word problems were limited).  But enjoy the merciless teasing while you can because we all retreat back into our caves or alter egos tomorrow.

(By the way, today is March 14, 3-14.  Pi is 3.14 for those of you who have selective amnesia about anything from high school math.)

My in-laws are planning to visit this week.  I don’t know any specific plans, but I think they were planning to get here sometime tomorrow.  Considering the state the house is in right now, I hope they clarify “sometime” in enough time for me to feel comfortable letting them into the house.  And I’m actually looking forward to the visit, even if it limits my blogging time.  It’s been long enough since we’ve seen them or my parents that I’m anxious for PJ to have some distraction.  Besides, they always spoil the boys when they see them, almost to the point of embarrassment.

This morning was our once-a-year lawn overhaul.  Early spring, the lawn needs tending again, and it’s always bad after the winter.  It needs much more than a simple mowing, so M decides it’s worth paying someone to do all that hard work once a year.  It was so weird being awakened by a lawn mower in our back yard.  It was like being taken back in time to my high school years when my dad or older brother would get up early on Saturday mornings to do the lawn–every week during the spring, summer, and fall without fail.  I griped about it back then, but the familiar drone behind our bedroom window was comforting today and lulled me right back to sleep.

Hehe, right now PJ is trying to share some of his big boy toys with his baby brother.  BabyN doesn’t have a clue what to do with them.  I’d better go take some pictures while I can.  This is too funny.

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