Wandering Vacations

A few reasons I wish my in-laws had given us a little more time to prep for their arrival today:

1. I have a “special” thong in the wash right now that will get done sometime later this afternoon after they have arrived.  And I’m sure my MIL will want to help me fold clothes.  I would have done the laundry at a different time if I’d known when to expect them.

2. We’ve been doing the minimum to keep the place clean today because we have no idea how much time we have to clean.  We don’t want to be in the middle of a dirty job when they get here.

3. PJ’s “napping” (in the loudest way possible), and I need to know whether to push the matter or not.  If he falls asleep minutes before they get here, he’ll be even crankier than if he’d never slept at all.  And you know he’ll wake up as soon as he hears the commotion out here.

4. Before we knew they were thinking of coming this week, I ordered a few items from a certain “secret” store online.  The package should get here in the next couple of days, naturally while my in-laws are still around.  Fortunately it’s nothing too special and embarrassing, but I’m not exactly eager to show off my underwear choices to either of them.

Really, I don’t mind that they’re coming, and I don’t care too much that we didn’t have much warning.  It just would have been nice to have worked out the underwear issues ahead of time.

Nobody write too much over the next few days, since I doubt I get much chance to read any blogs.  I’ll be avoiding any blog-reading or -writing when either in-law is around because I’m more paranoid they find this site than anyone else.  I’ll make sure to give a good recap once they’ve left, though.  Of course, I’m not even entirely sure when that will be yet.  Wednesday, maybe?  I’ve never had such flexible travel plans as they do.  It’s a weird concept to me.

Oh, speaking of that.  M and I booked our vacation plans for this year earlier today.  We’re actually taking a real vacation that’s not just with family.  This will be our first totally fun family vacation.  We are spending a few nights with each set of grandparents, but we’re also doing touristy stuff that the kids might enjoy.  I’m really looking forward to it.  Too bad it’s not until the end of May.


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