My in-laws apparently have no concept of time.  They can make the shortest, easiest trip into the most complicated journey.  Yesterday they took PJ with them when they got lunch (what we had to offer wasn’t good enough, apparently).  It was close to PJ’s naptime, but they should easily have had him home in time for his usual naptime.  Two hours later they call to check in.  They had the gall to get upset at us for not telling them the schedule for the day (we did) before they left.  They had just basically wandered to random stores with PJ, ignoring him whining and asking for a nap the whole time.  He was asleep pretty much as soon as he got in his bed for his two-hour-late nap.

So I have no idea why I expected their trip across town today to take anything less than the whole day.  It should be no longer than three to four hours, even doing the touristy stuff they wanted to do.  It’s been three and a half hours already, and my FIL called a few minutes ago saying they’d just gotten there.  Did they get lost?  Or take the longest lunch ever?  I was looking forward to having them around to help distract the boys during the day today, but instead I’ve got them all to myself–just like any other day.

But other than that, things have been pretty normal.  I don’t have any great you-won’t-believe-this stories about either of them.  It’s like their experiences with my SIL’s mother have taught them how NOT to act.  In fact, I’m only griping about them at all because I’m tired.

BabyN woke up pretty early this morning and was much too vocal to let me get any more sleep after his early feeding, unlike our usual lazy morning schedule.  The problem is that he’s about to cut some teeth.  He has two huge, hard lumps on his bottom gums, and I think this is more serious than the idle threat his teeth have done in the past.  Naturally he’s fussier and clingier to me during the short time his grandparents are here.  At least they’ll probably be here for the momentous event.  I’m excited for those teeth to finally break through as well–until he bites me for the first time, that is.

Anyway, both boys are at least attempting to nap at the same time, so I think I’m going to try to do the same.  I need to be on my best game while the in-laws are around.


One Response to Aimless

  1. Jessica says:

    I hope you were able to nap! Do you know when the in-laws plan to go home?

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