I’m Being Petty

I would love to go on a huge rant today, but the more I think about my grievances, the more I realize they’re stupid.  So my in-laws essentially drove eight hours to visit us for a long weekend–one day of which they didn’t even spend with us.  Did I really want them to stay longer?  Sure it’s rude, but I tend to be happier with them when my time with them is limited.  I should have realized before they even left that they weren’t coming to visit us; we’re just the hotel.  They came for the beach and the grandkids.  The fact that they gave us any attention is just a bonus.

And I’m annoyed that they wouldn’t help out when help was desperately needed–like last night when PJ was having a total breakdown because it was past his bedtime and his dad and grandpa were in the middle of something and I was feeding BabyN.  His grandma could easily have gotten him ready for bed or distracted him instead of complaining about how he was getting obnoxious (her word, not mine).

And I’m annoyed because I feel like they overstepped their bounds with helping with other things.  Like reminding us to take out the trash fourteen different times yesterday because the diaper pail was full and then “reminding” me this morning that we hadn’t taken out the trash after all.  Or finishing off the box of Pop Tarts I opened yesterday.

At least I recognize that all my grievances are pretty stupid.  They’re annoying, but they’re nothing like what has frustrated me about them in the past.  I’m only annoyed at all because I’m all discombobulated this morning.  I got up pretty late (thanks to a sleepy baby curled up next to me) to discover them on their way out the door.  It caught me off guard since I’d thought they were staying until Wednesday.  That combined with the reminder about the trash and a hyper toddler who got up way too early this morning overwhelmed me and made it difficult to keep my cool.

But now they’re gone and I have all the freedom to blog and complain again that I’ve missed since they got here on Saturday.


2 Responses to I’m Being Petty

  1. erin says:

    They actually used the word “obnoxious” about PJ and reminded you to take out the trash? You’re a better person than I…I would have had to say something.

  2. kweenmama says:

    Whew! Count your blessings they left earlier than expected.

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