Some Observations

I have become hypersensitive to grief around me lately.  On every TV show I watch, there is something sad about someone’s situation on the show.  The same goes for every book I read.  Even my blogroll, all of you whose lives I follow closely, all of you are suffering with your own personal tragedies.

It’s a lot to take in, especially as I find myself so sensitive since BabyN was born.  It’s a bit overwhelming at times, grieving at all these sad situations, both real and fiction.  I don’t want to think about sad things, not when I’m looking at my own life that is so happy right now.  I don’t want to think that my own life could be affected by tragedy.

But not one of us is completely without tragedies or grief in our lives.  I have two perfect boys and a great husband, but I remember things being particularly awful for me about two and a half years ago when PJ was suddenly born early.  There’s grief involved in that, even if it really isn’t the same as the grief I know many of you have experienced.  None of us can escape it altogether.

So why is it that some people’s live seem so overwhelmed with grief while others aren’t?  Honestly, some of the most positive, upbeat, and fun blogs I read are written by women who have been through absolutely unimaginable situations.  I have cried with them in the past, but now I laugh and hope with them.  While I know they cannot have come through such experiences untouched, they have come through them; they have moved on.

On the other hand, I read some other blogs written by women equally affected by some of the worst tragedies imaginable, but I find them difficult to read.  Even the most positive entries at least make reference to their sadness and grief.  I can’t begin to imagine how awful they must feel after going through the things they have, but it hurts me to be reminded of what could happen to any of us all the time.

I’m not articulating my point clearly at all, but I want to assure all of you reading that I am NOT saying I don’t like your blogs.  I wouldn’t read them if I didn’t, right?  I’m just trying to point out that people react to the tragedies in their own lives very differently.  Some write as though nothing ever happened, that their lives are perfect and always have been.  Some focus on the tragedy and only that.  And others have clearly moved on.  What happened in their lives has drastically affected them, but they are moving forward with their lives, taking with them both the best and worst from their pasts.

Rarely am I given such an opportunity to see how so many different people respond to similar situations as I am through Blogworld.  Watching how all of you live your lives teaches me more about myself.  I can only hope and pray that I have responded to PJ’s birth by moving on.  I hope and pray that I can respond to any future tragedies in store for me with such grace as I see some of you showing.

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