My Best Online-Only Friend

I had just started this blog when I got an e-mail from someone I’d never met named Erica.  She was commenting on something I’d written in my family blog and couldn’t get the blog to actually leave a comment.  I replied, and ever since we have traded e-mails fairly regularly.  I soon found myself comfortable enough with her to share this private blog’s address with her, and she started commenting here.  Then she started her own blog, and we communicate more now through each other’s blogs than e-mail.

Still, she is my best friend that I’ve never met in person.  We have several things in common, most notably that we each have two adorable boys.  She also suffered many of the same issues I did with pregnancy, so she was someone to turn to when things got bad when I was pregnant with BabyN.

Now the tables have turned; it’s time for me–and all of you–to be there for her.  Her year started off badly and keeps getting worse.  First, she was trying to get pregnant and despite several negative pregnancy tests, discovered she was.  But it was doomed from the start, and she miscarried.  Her boys have had several illnesses, including one with repeated croup scares.  Then she got in a bad car accident, which caused pretty bad whiplash.  She started having awful headaches and scary dizziness.

Finally yesterday she had an extensive scan to determine what damage the accident had actually done.  It turns out that the accident brought to light a problem she had had already–a tumor at the base of her brain.

I can’t begin to tell you how much this scares me; I can’t imagine how Erica is feeling right now.  All I know is that of all the things I have ever asked of you, this one means the most–please, please pray for her and her family.  Go give her your support today.  And keep praying and checking on her until her life can get back to some sort of normal.

One Response to My Best Online-Only Friend

  1. Becca says:

    So sad…will definately keep her family in my prayers. Things really need to start going right for people…

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