This is Curious

I don’t know why, but when I read other blogs, I sometimes forget that these are actually people’s lives.  I forget that between posts, stuff actually happens.  There’s more to their lives than what gets posted, and that the reason posts don’t happen more often is that their lives are busy.  That’s why I’m always caught off guard when someone posts with some big news that has happened since the last post.  In my mind, their lives have been on pause since the last post, not taking a kid to the ER or getting pregnant or moving.  Unless someone specifically mentions a big event to occur in the near future, I don’t wonder about what’s going on with them or worry about why they haven’t posted.

I am so self-centered sometimes.  I hate that about myself.  I’m learning to get over that quickly, though, as many of you are forcing me to worry about you between posts.  I’m afraid I may end up being one of those people who e-mails their favorite bloggers if they don’t post when expected just to make sure they’re okay.  I don’t know…is that considerate or annoying?

4 Responses to This is Curious

  1. Erica says:

    I think its considerate.I didn’t mean to leave everyone hanging it was last minute lol.You can email me anytime and if the computer is handy I will get right back.You can also see whats going on by visiting Michelles blog and she will also update my blog.I am really scared but I will get into things more tommorrow for now I have lots of cleaning to try to get done.Thanks again for everything.

  2. Kayce says:

    Oops, I didn’t mean that to come across that I get annoyed when people don’t blog; I just forget sometimes that their lives continue and aren’t set on pause at their last entry.

    Either way, thanks for posting something today Erica. I’m going to become dependent on your posts, e-mails, and Michelle’s posts over the next few days and weeks. I’m so worried about you, and I would totally freak out if I just didn’t hear anything from or about you for a long period of time. Oddly enough, I didn’t worry this weekend, though. 🙂

  3. Chas says:

    I think it’s considerate. I don’t think asking them specifically “Why haven’t you been blogging?” is appropriate, but I think it’s OK to send an email saying something like “I’ve been thinking of you.”. I got an email not long ago from a sweet blogger that just simply said, “I’ve been feeling like I should pray for you lately. I hope all is well.” I thought that was very sweet.

  4. erin says:

    LOL, I think considerate? I hardly ever have time to post (or read blogs for that matter)…there’s always stuff happening that I think I HAVE to blog about and then time passes and it becomes irrelevant or I’m just not in the mood anymore. I feel like I leave out huge chunks of what’s going on in my life sometimes.

    It’s sometimes hard for me to picture everybody going about their daily business too between blog entries. I think that’s probably part of only knowing each other through our blogs, and not in real life??

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