A Headachey Day

April 8, 2008

Sorry, nothing insightful or inspired today.  Complete sentences are miraculous.  I’m fighting off the worst headache of my life.  It’s better enough now that I was able to eat some breakfast (at 2:30 this afternoon) and shower and can actually look at a computer screen long enough to type a short something.  I’m willing to bet it’s sinus related, but that doesn’t help matters as I can’t take anything to help it.  Other than the fact that I’m still not positive anything I eat is staying down, most sinus medicines either knock me out or make me so loopy that I’m not good for much of anything.  Oh, and I’m hesitant to take anything that I’m not sure won’t negatively affect BabyN.  So instead I’m just whining about my headache.

Really, I’ve been pretty good about it.  Neither child or the dog has suffered from it; I’ve still done all my normal mom duties, even when it was a major struggle to do so.  But when BabyN goes back down for a nap in a few minutes, I think I’m going to try to doze off as well.  I can’t feel it if I’m sleeping, right?  Let’s hope PJ stays asleep long enough for me to catch my 40 winks.  And that tomorrow I’m all better and can write something worth reading.