I’m a Grouch

April 18, 2008

I’m unnecessarily grumpy at everyone today.  I wanted to sleep late, but neither boy had that idea in mind.  BabyN woke up “early” to eat (okay, so it was after eight) and refused to go back to sleep.  He was so adamant that I get up and entertain him that he stopped the obnoxious cooing and actually started crying.  You know he’s serious when he stops smiling.

PJ…well, I’m just annoyed with PJ because when I got him out of his room, he dared act perky and happy.  How can anyone be that upbeat first thing in the morning?  He should be grumpy because I am, right?

And the dog…I’m grumpy at her because even though she was the only one willing to let me sleep this morning, she wanted to do so with me.  I love it when she cuddles with me, but not to the point that I’m falling off the bed.  It seems that the bed is really hers, and she gets to sleep in the very middle if she wants to.  I need to fit around her, not the other way around, and if that means half my butt hangs off the edge, that’s not her problem.

And I’m grumpy at Joe because I’ve seen far too much of him in the past few days, thanks to PJ’s ongoing Blue’s Clues obsession and the fact that we only have one Steve episode DVR-ed at the moment.  He annoys me so much right now that I’m tempted to force PJ to watch Dora instead because it HAS to be better than Joe.  I’ve mentioned my hatred of Joe before, right?  This might be a recurring theme if this phase lasts very long.

But yay because tomorrow is the weekend.  M will probably get up with the kids and the dog, and I might actually get a chance to sleep late.  I always feel guilty when he does, though, because I get to sleep later than him every single day.  He should need to catch up on sleep more than I do, but he still gets up at a decent time to give me a break.  Now I really can’t wait until vacation so the grandparents can get up early with the kids and give us both a chance to sleep late without feeling guilty about it.