Shopping Extravaganza

April 25, 2008

I had a dream last night that I was shopping.  I woke up satsfied and content, a huge change from some of the nights I’ve had recently (in one I was being strangled by a snake that looked like a cobra but I called an anaconda and had already sunk its poisonous fangs into me three times; in another I was trying not to drown while saving my boys from the same fate; and in another I was forced to sleep at Wal-Mart because my in-laws wouldn’t make room for me in their house and I intentionally left my boys in the care of strangers because I couldn’t handle them anymore).  So, yeah, a shopping dream?  Nice and relaxing.

If you haven’t already figured it out, normally I’m not that fond of shopping.  I hate when the stores are too busy (*ahem* Hell-Mart), so I kind of wig out if I want to browse in a store that has too many people.  I usually give up without truly looking at what I want to.  Or if I find something I am interested in, I’m either too embarrassed to pick it up and walk it to the fitting room to try it on, or I look at the price and decide I can’t justify spending that much on me and pass it up altogether.

Is it at all surprising that the last time I bought clothes was when I needed maternity clothes in a desperate way?  It’s very likely that the last time before that was when M and I were dating.

I’m considering doing a closet purge, getting rid of most of my pre-pregnancy clothes that don’t miraculously also fit my post-prego body.  Considering my hooters are two huge sizes bigger and I have a wrinkly, pudgy belly to cover, that leaves me with very little in my closet.  Even just getting rid of everything I had in college or high school strips my closet to the bare minimum–and nun-like dressy teaching clothes that I’ll never wear again.  I’ll go naked first.

My birthday is coming up in less than two weeks, and I’ve already decided that the present I’m going to ask for this year is a shopping spree.  Last year I got a laptop, so I should get a lot of clothes for that, right?  No, really we don’t usually splurge that much on birthdays.  Even combining my birthday, Mother’s Day, and our anniversary, which all happen within a week of each other this year, I doubt I can end up with that many clothes.

But I’m gearing myself up for a real shopping spree.  I’m excited about the prospect of new, cute clothes that fit my new body, even if it means I have to overcome some discomfort in the stores themselves.